Our Goals

  1. To support the University of Toronto’s Undergraduate Medical Program’s goal of preparing graduates who demonstrate the foundation of knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to achieve the CanMeds competencies and to encourage, support and promote the development of future academic health leaders, who will contribute to our communities, and improve the health of individuals and populations through the discovery, application and communication of knowledge.
  2. To provide students with exposure to the entire spectrum of complexities of clinical problems, contexts and career paths, from primary to quaternary care, in acute, chronic and rehabilitation settings, in ambulatory and inpatient environments.
  3. To lead and innovate in the use of new educational technologies in our educational facilities.
  4. To provide role models, teaching and mentorship from leaders in their clinical, educational and research fields.
  5. To provide learning environments and informal curriculum for students in which interprofessional, collaborative, patient and family centred care is taught, modelled and exemplified.
  6. To foster learning opportunities which enable individual learning needs to be addressed while providing students with exposure to the needs of the community.
  7. To encourage, support and value innovation in education.
  8. To support, facilitate and recognize the work and scholarship of our teaching faculty.
  9. To value and respect the patients in our teaching facilities who enable trainees to learn through interactions with them.
  10. To foster student involvement and engagement in shaping the role that the Academy plays in their education and student life.
  11. To facilitate formal and informal interaction between medical students and learners from other health disciplines.
  12. To encourage and recognize students and faculty for their contribution to the overall mission of our Academy and its partner hospitals.