Travel Stipend

The Faculty initiated a Travel Stipend in recognition of student concerns over time and cost involved in travel to more remote community sites. Students with financial need are eligible to apply. The subsidy applies at present to core clerkship rotations and FMLE placements which could typically require more than one hour of travel on public transport or more than two transit systems to get there if you travelled that way. Just to clarify, it doesn’t matter how you are actually getting to your destination.

For clerks, eligible placements have been determined based on a calculation of travel time required from you base hospital to the community site using standard references, Google Maps/TTC Trip Planner. For FMLE placements, the calculation of travel time is done from MSB, since it’s assumed you will be travelling from MSB to the family practice office. Your academy has a list of sites eligible for the stipend and student financial needs will be confirmed by the Office of Student Financial Services. The travel stipend is a subsidy only and is not intended to cover the full cost of travel. You may apply for the stipend to cover rotations you have already completed or are going to complete for the current academic year.

Travel Stipend Application Form