Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

CAMH teaching faculty are recruited to teach in ICE Clinical Skills for the WB and CAMH currently offers rotations in Psychiatry for WB Clerkship students. 

The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health brings research and education together with specialized client care, health promotion and policy development, to offer services as Canada’s largest teaching facility for addiction and mental health. In addition to creating comprehensive and accessible care programs, CAMH uses research to educate, and help erase the stigma attached to mental health and addiction.

As a teaching hospital, the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health offers a number of programs and education initiatives to all health professionals. Centrally located in Toronto, with facilities across the province of Ontario, every day the staff at CAMH work to change the lives of those affected by addiction and mental health.

Treatment Programs at CAMH:

  • Addictions Program presents unique treatment options to all clients at CAMH. Taking into consideration the changing demographics of all Ontario communities, the Addictions Program is able to offer the most appropriate services to those affected by mental health challenges.
  • The General Psychiatry Program (GPP)/Centralized Assessment, Triage and Supports (CATS) gives CAMH clients access to specialized emergency, assessment and short-term support services.
  • Schizophrenia Program offers treatment at all stages of the illness, including prevention, medication assessment, monitoring, rehabilitation and care. The Schizophrenia Program has more than 200 inpatient beds, and 15 ambulatory services.
  • Mood and Anxiety Program offers inpatient and outpatient services to clients at CAMH. All of the clinics associated with this program offer clinical care, education and research.
  • Law and Mental Health Program provides a forensic psychiatric service that is integrated, comprehensive and in line with the core values of CAMH. The services in this program ensure that all clients are offered the same level of care and treatment.
  • Geriatric Mental Health Program provides specialized services to clients over the age of 60 with mental health and addiction problems. This includes assessment, treatment, consultation and follow-up services.
  • Child, Youth and Family Program offers comprehensive services to families with children affected by mental health or addiction. With a multidisciplinary team in place, this Program provides a variety of services to children and their families.
  • Women’s Mental Health Program is offered to women who have a history of trauma in combination with a mental illness diagnosis.
  • Dual Diagnosis Program is an integrated program for individuals with a developmental disability, for their families and for their care programs. There is a strong focus on integrated mental health and support services.
  • Community Support and Research Unit focuses on the areas of housing, income, employment and education in the recovery phase of individuals with mental illness or substance abuse problems.
Main CAMH Sites
Main Line: 416-535-8501
Queen Street Site (Queen & Ossington)
1001 Queen Street West, Toronto ON  M6J 1H4
Russell Street Site (Russell & Spadina)
33 Russell Street, Toronto ON  M5S 2S1
College Street Site (College & Spadina, including CAMH Emergency)
250 College Street, Toronto ON  M5T 1R8