Toronto General Hospital Health Sciences Library

Eaton North Wing, 1-418

Toronto General Hospital 200 Elizabeth Street Toronto, ON; M5G 2C4

P: (416) 340-3429

Hours of Operation:

Open M-F – 6am to 11pm

Staffed M-F 10am – 4pm

Weekends & statutory holidays

Toronto Western Hospital Health Sciences Library 

West Wing, 3-438

399 Bathurst Street Toronto, ON; M5T2S8

P: (416) 603-5750

Hours of Operation:

Open 24/7 with UHN badge access

Staffed M-F 10am to 4pm

Weekends & statutory holidays

Princess Margaret Cancer Centre/Ontario Cancer Institute Health Sciences Library 

Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, 5th floor

610 University Avenue, Toronto, ON; M5G 2M9

P: 416-946-4482

Hours of Operation:

Open M-F 7am – 9 pm

Staffed M-F 10 am – 4 pm

Weekends & statutory holidays

Toronto Rehab University Centre

Room 2-055

550 University Avenue

Toronto, ON; M5G 2A2

P: 416-597-3422, ext. 3050

Hours of operation:

M-F, 7 am- 11pm with UHN Badge Access

Staffed M-F, 10am-4pm

Toronto Rehab Rumsey Cardiac Centre

Room 224

347 Rumsey Road

Toronto, ON; M4G 1R7

P: 416-597-3422, ext. 5224

Hours of Operation:

M-F, 7:30am-3:30pm


Note: Emergency after hours access, with UHN Photo ID, is available through Security Services.

As a senior medical student at the WB Academy of the University Health Network, you have full library privileges at all three library branches (Toronto General Hospital, Toronto Western Hospital, and Princess Margaret Hospital).

To register as a library patron, please fill out a yellow registration form available at any of our branches. Our library staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our services.

Library Services

Information Tools

–          Comprehensive print book and journal collections

–          More than 2,800 e-books and more than 4,300 electronic journals

–          Online databases such as MEDLINE, CINAHL, EMBASE, and PsycINFO

–          Evidence-based resources such as Clinical Evidence, ACP PIER, and BMJ Point of Care

Literature Searches

Your Information Specialist can also perform free literature searches for you on various databases, including MEDLINE, EMBASE, and CINAHL, and the Internet. Results may be provided within 24 hours, and they may be printed, faxed, or e-mailed to you. For more information, contact your Information Specialist.

Computer Lab

Public access computers are available at all three UHN Library branches. From these computers, you will be able to access our library catalogue, MEDLINE, CINAHL, Electronic Patient Record (EPR), and the Internet. The libraries also have access to selected online full-text journals and books via the Virtual Library (available through the UHN Intranet). Printers are also available for use; they require a photocopy card.

With a valid U of T library card, you will also have access to the U of T’s Internet resources via the UHN computers.

Database/Virtual Library Training

Training sessions are available free of charge through your Information Specialist. Small group sessions generally take 1–1.5 hours. They can also be conducted on an individual basis – please contact your Information Specialist to book a time. Weekly training sessions on various products are offered at each branch, and you can find more details through the Workshop Calendar, available on the Virtual Library site.

UHN Virtual Library website:

Printing & Photocopying

Students are entitled to receive one free 500-copy photocopy card per year while attending the Wightman-Berris Academy. The photocopy cards must be picked up at either the TGH or TWH branches, upon presentation of your ID badge.

Generally, photocopies are10 cents a page at each of our branches. At the TWH, TGH, and PMH Health Sciences Libraries, you may purchase a photocopy card in predetermined quantities.

Document Delivery

You can order items not available from your branch of the library through our Document Delivery Service. Complete an Article Request Form online at the Virtual Library, request directly from SFX, or contact us by e-mail at We provide Document Delivery Service at no cost for these items, which may arrive the same or next day.

Items not available in our collection may be requested from a network of other libraries, including the UniversityofToronto and affiliated hospital libraries. For each item borrowed, there is a flat fee together with any additional costs from the lending library. Clients may bill cost centre or research account numbers, or pay cash. Materials usually arrive within three to four days. For further information, please call our Document Delivery Specialist Walter Schmanda at 416-340-4121 or FAX 416-340-4384.

Your Information Specialist for Medical Education is

Melanie Anderson

416-340-4800, X3785


TGH Library – 416-340-3429

TWH Library – 416-603-5750


600 University Avenue, Suite 18-234

Hours: M-F, 830am to 6pm

Phone: 416-586-4800 x 4614


Library Intranet:

Note: Hours may vary to accommodate for special circumstances. Please contact the library for urgent inquiries.

The Learning Commons area is accessible 24/7 with staff ID badge for study purposes. After hours access if for emergencies only. Contact Security and present a Mount Sinai Hospital photo ID badge.

Library Staff

– Sandra Kendall, BA, MLS – Director of Library Services

–  Chris Walsh – Library Technician

–  Daphne Horn – Information Specialist

–  Michelle Ryu – Information Specialist

The Sidney Liswood Library is a clinical and research resource that strives to provide an enhanced learning environment and information services for the improvement of patient care throughout the Sinai Health System community. The library’s mandate is to maintain the highest standards by providing the best available information services to all staff, including students and house staff, and to make finding and using information easier and more accessible to all.

In addition to loaning items from the library and ordering documents from other sources, our staff can customize training for you in the use of electronic information resources, such as Medline, or using information management software tools, such as EndNote. We can also conduct bibliographic searches to answer a defined clinical or research question. If you need any assistance using best evidence library resources, call and we’ll help you.

The library staff is involved in a variety of special projects. We have an international partnership agreement in Ethiopia that you may be interested in helping with too. We are also available to participate in clinical teams as a resource for finding information to facilitate evidence-based practice.

Staff Privileges

All house staff registered with the Medical Education Department at Mount Sinai Hospital with rotations of one month or more have full library privileges.


Journals and books circulate for two weeks, with the exception of reference material.  Renewals may be requested providing a hold has not been placed on the item.  Renewals can be done by phone or email and must be made before the due date assigned or else the material must be returned before being checked out again.

Borrowers are responsible for lost or damaged items. Borrowers who do not pay fines, will have the cost of the item charged to their department and grades may be withheld by the University of Toronto.

Interlibrary Loans

Books, journals, and audiovisual material not available in our library, can be obtained from other institutions for a minimum fee of $3.00 plus lender charges, where applicable.


The Intranet provides access to the Library’s electronic resources including access to:

–          The library catalogue

–          E-books and electronic journals

–          Medline, PubMed, The Cochrane Collection, Lexi-Comp, EbscoHost and much more

–          Other e-resources including RxTx, ClinicalKey, and STAT!Ref.


Training is available for individuals or groups needing basic orientation to the library resources or customized advanced training in using health databases. Please call or visit us to tailor the session to suit your needs and time constraints.

Evidence Based Medicine Resources

To help you identify the best resource to answer your clinical questions, we have created an Evidence Based Medicine algorithm ( Access the algorithm on the Library Intranet ( or through the University of Toronto Libraries website (

Photocopying and Printing

Copies can be made at a cost of 10 cents per page. For printing at MSH, cash or cheque only is accepted. Users are responsible for adhering to the provisions of the Copyright Act.