Where to Eat

Toronto General Hospital

The Food Court is located on the Ground Floor of the Norman Urquhart Wing. Retail outlets include:

The Bagel Stop – M-F, 7am-530 pm, Sat, 9am-130pm, Sun & Holidays CLOSED

Booster Juice – M-F, 8am- 9pm, Sat & Sunday, 1030am-5pm, Holidays CLOSED

Hero Burger – M-F, 11am-9pm, Sat, Sun & Holidays, 11am-6pm

Mega Wraps – M-F, 7am-10pm, Sat, Sun & Holidays, 9am-9pm

Lotus Leaf – M-F, 11am-7pm, Saturday, 11am-4pm, Sun & Holidays CLOSED

Soup it Up – M-F, 1130am-630pm, Sat, Sun & Holidays CLOSED

Subway – M-F, 7am-11pm, Sat, Sun & Holidays, 930am-11pm

Sushi! By Bento Nouveau – M-F, 7am-7pm, Sat, Sun & Holidays CLOSED

Wing Machine – M-F, 10am-10pm, Sat, Sun & Holidays, 11am-9pm

Located elsewhere in the hospital:

Druxy’s (Elizabeth St. lobby) – M-F, 6am-9pm, Sat, Sun & Holidays 6am-9pm

Lettieri (Elizabeth St. lobby) – M-F, 6am-7pm, Sat, 6am-4pm, Sun & Holidays CLOSED

TGH Gift Shop – M-F, 830am-8pm, Sat, Sun & Holidays, 10am-5pm

Starbucks (Clinical Services Bldg,University Ave. lobby) – M-F, 6am-9pm, Sat, Sun & Holidays, 6am- 8pm

Tim Horton’s (1st Floor, Norman Urquhart, Lobby) – M-F, 5-12am, Sat, Sun & Holidays, 6am-9pm

Tim Horton’s (1st Floor, R. Fraser Elliot Bldg, by South Elevators) – M-F, 630am-5pm, Sat, Sun & Holidays CLOSED

Tutti Frutti (Ground Floor, Eatng Wing) – M-F, 930am-730pm, Sat & Sun, 12pm to 6pm


Toronto Western Hospital

The Food Court is located on the Ground Floor. Retail outlets include:

Asian Gourmet – M-F, 10am-6pm, Open weekends during the winter season

The Bagel Stop – M-F, 6:30am-7pm, Sat & Sun CLOSED

Booster Juice – M-F, 9am-9pm, Sat, Sun & Holidays, 11am-8pm

Druxy’s – M-F, 6am-9pm, Sat, Sun & Holidays, 7am-9pm

Jerk Chicken – M-F, 1030am-7pm, Sat, 11am-5pm, Sun CLOSED

Mix It Up – M-Th, 730am-6pm, Fri, 730am-5pm, Sat, Sun & Holidays, CLOSED

Mr. Sub – M-Fri, 10am-8pm, Sat, Sun & Holidays, 11am-6pm

Nicholby’s Gift Shop – M-F, 830am-8pm, Sat, Sun & Holidays, 10am-5pm

Panzerotto Pizza – M-F, 9am to 7pm, Sat, Sun & Holidays CLOSED

Second Cup – M-F, 6am to 8pm, Sat & Sun, 730am to 5pm, Holidays CLOSED

Soup It Up – M-Th, 830am-7pm, Fri, 830am-6pm, Sat & Sun, 1130am-630 pm, Holidays CLOSED

Sushi! By Bento Nouveau – M-F, 7am-7pm, Sun, 11am-3pm, Sat & Holidays CLOSED

Tim Horton’s – Hours: M to Sun, 6am to 930pm, Holidays CLOSED


Princess Margaret Hospital

Located on the main floor of Princess Margaret Hospital:

Druxy’s – M-Th, 6am-8pm, Fri, 6am-5pm, Sat, Sun & Holidays, 9am-4pm

Tim Horton’s – M-F, 6am-6pm, Sat & Sun, 630am-3pm, Holidays CLOSED

Mount Sinai Hospital

Food Hall at Mount Sinai is located on the ground floor.


In addition to the cafeteria, the following food service outlets are located at Mount Sinai Hospital:

Second Cup (main lobby, immediately off the University Avenue Entrance)

Hours: M-Sun, 6am-9pm

Tim Horton’s ( second level in the Cafeteria)

Hours: M-F, 7am-830pm, Weekends CLOSED

Venturing Farther Afield

College and University Area

In close proximity to Toronto General, Princess Margaret and Mount Sinai Hospitals, there are a number of additional food service outlets.

The MaRS Discovery District Building, located at 101 College Street and accessible through Toronto General Hospital has a Food Court on the lower level.

The Hydro One Building, located at 700 University Avenue, has a Food Court on the lower level.

A wide variety of restaurants and grab-and-go places can be found in the surrounding area, on Bay Street, College Street, Dundas or Queen Street, on Baldwin and Elm Street and on University Avenue.

Dundas and Bathurst

There is a Tim Horton’s and a McDonald’s located at the intersection of Dundas West and Bathurst and there are a number of restaurants along Dundas Street, in either direction from the hospital.