Toronto Western Hospital

Toronto Western Hospital has been at the corner of Bathurst and  Dundas in downtown Toronto, since 1905. From serving a population a culturally diverse neighbourhood, in family and community health services, with specialization in neuroscience and musculoskeletal health and arthritis. Staff at Toronto Western Hospital focus on patient centred care, for more than 380,000 patients each year.

Toronto Western Hospital: Firsts

  • 1978: First to demonstrate the reversibility of brain shrinkage and dysfunction from alcoholism with abstinence
  • 1980: First established Tourette’s Syndrome Clinic and first Sleep Disorders Clinic in Canada
  • 1998: First use of Image-Guided Minimally Invasive Therapy during surgery, allowing for real-time magnetic resonance imaging to guide surgeons to the location of a brain tumour
  • 2002: Discovery that dense breast tissue, a major risk factor for breast cancer, is determined by genetic factors
  • 2003: First alternative treatment to taxol for preventing breast cancer recurrence in survivors five years or more after diagnosis, after a major international clinical trial led at UHN
  • 2003: First deep brain stimulation for depression
  • 2004: Development of a new standard of treatment for men with advanced incurable prostate cancer, after a two-year international study involving 1,000 men in 24 countries

Toronto Western Hospital – 3 West Wing, 3rd Floor, Room 438, 399 Bathurst Street, Toronto ON M5T 2S8

Main Line: 416-603-5800

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