Learning Opportunities


The Academy is responsible for providing clinically based and group learning experiences required for courses which the students must take as part of the undergraduate core curriculum and to foster the development of CanMEDs roles in our students. In addition, students are encouraged to seek informal learning opportunities through Enriching Educational Experiences or shadowing clinicians in pre-clerkship. The exposure to an Academy setting, various clinical settings, research opportunities, and guidance through a mentorship provided at the Academy enhances the student experience over the four years of their training.

The Academy provides:

  • Clinical skills teaching
  • Problem-based and case-based learning in first and second year
  • Small-group tutorials in first and second year
  • Simulation based clinical skills teaching
  • Research opportunities and skill acquisition
  • Mentorship
  • Clinical clerkship rotations in their and fourth year
  • Learning about the Determinants of Community Health in a community agency or hospital setting
The Academy supports the development of the CanMEDs competencies:
  • Medical Expert
  • Communicator
  • Collaborator
  • Advocate
  • Scholar
  • Professional
  • Manager
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