Individual Teaching Performance Awards


Download the Individual Teaching Nomination Form 

The Individual Teaching Performance Awards recognize teachers whose outstanding skills have been personally identified by their students. All Wightman-Berris affiliated staff who teach, tutor or administer University of Toronto programs in health professions are eligible. Staff will be recognized in one of the three following categories:

  • Undergraduate Medicine – for excellence in teaching any part of the undergraduate curriculum, and may be given for Arts & Science of Clinical Medicine, Portfolio, Problem-Based learning tutoring, lecturing, or clinical supervision
  • Postgraduate Medicine – for excellence in any aspects of resident teaching, and may be given to didactic course teachers and clinical supervisors. This award will reflect the rich diversity of postgraduate programs across all UHN and MSH sites
  • Health Professions Program – for UHN and MSH teachers in Faculty of Medicine and Faculty Council of Health Science and Social Work, and may be given to professionals from University of Toronto degree programs (physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech language pathology, radiation science, dentistry, nursing, social work, nutrition and pharmacy)



  • All UHN, MSH, TEGH and Wightman-Berris community/specialty affiliated staff/faculty who teach, tutor, or administer University of Toronto programs in the health professions on behalf of the Wightman-Berris Academy or UHN/MSH are eligible  (Dentistry, Medicine, Nursing, Nutrition, Occupational Therapy, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy,  Respiratory Therapy,  Radiation Science, Speech Language Pathology,  Social Work).  Nominations may occur annually however, individuals will be granted an award in any given category once every three years.
  • A University of Toronto academic appointment is not necessary
Nominees for the Individual Teaching Performance Awards are expected:
  • To be able to enhance learning
  • To be able to teach effectively
  • To be able to stimulate critical thinking
  • To demonstrate leadership, mentoring and role-modeling
  • To be able to encourage scholarly activities

Process for Nomination

  • All awards will be made on the basis of nominations
  • A call for nominations will be issued in April. Advertisements will be sent to all staff members at UHN, MSH and affiliated sites by email and hard copies will be posted in the education offices, libraries and departmental offices at all sites
  • Nomination forms must be completed by an undergraduate or postgraduate trainee
  • The deadline for submission of completed nomination forms and supporting evidence will be in early spring
  • The UHN/MSH Awards Committee meets annually to determine the winners

Supporting evidence should be supplied in the form of written testimonials (250-1000 words maximum) from present or previous students or postgraduate trainees, and should illustrate the candidate’s qualities as outlined above.

Selection Process

  • Recipients of Individual Teaching Performance Awards will be chosen by the UHN/MSH Awards Committee. This Committee is convened by the Wightman-Berris Academy Director and includes a chair, representatives from each hospital site, the student body and one University of Toronto Medical Faculty external to UHN and MSH
  • The Committee will review all nominations and supporting evidence
  • A decision will be reached by consensus and will be based on the quality of evidence presented and success in the criteria as listed above
  • No awards will be made if there are no suitable candidates nominated

Award Presentation

Not more than a total of 24 individual teaching awards will be made. No awards will be made if there are no suitable candidates. Results will be communicated only to the recipients of the Awards and their respective chairs. The results will be officially announced at an annual presentation.