The Anderson Awards

Download the Anderson Awards Nomination Form


  • All UHN, MSH, TEGH and Wightman-Berris community/specialty affiliated staff/faculty who teach, tutor, or administer University of Toronto programs in the health professions on behalf of the Wightman-Berris Academy or UHN/MSH are eligible  (Dentistry, Medicine, Nursing, Nutrition, Occupational Therapy, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy,  Respiratory Therapy,  Radiation Science, Speech Language Pathology,  Social Work).  Nominations may occur annually however, individuals will be granted an award in any given category once every three years.
  • A University of Toronto academic appointment is not necessary

Criteria for all Anderson Award Winners

  • Outstanding contribution to the educational mission of the institution
  • Demonstrated ability to enhance teaching and learning in educational programs
  • Demonstrated leadership, mentoring and role-modeling
  • Work enhances the profile of teaching in department/program
  • Outstanding institutional service
  • Demonstrated efficiency, effectiveness, impact and scholarly approach in role as an education
  • Contribution to education above and beyond expectations

Additional Specific Criteria

Extraordinary Contribution to Health Professional Education award

  • Overall outstanding, sustained, exemplary performance with very high impact in his/her educational field
  • The work of this individual has had major implications for learners, locally, nationally or internationally
  • Impact of this work contributes to the advancement of educational programs, teaching methodology, research or scholarly work in educational field
  • This award represents the highest level of achievement for the Academy and UHN/MSH educators

Program Innovation and Development Award

  • Demonstrated development of innovative educational programs or tools with high impact on learner outcomes

Educational Administration Award

  • Demonstrated exemplary development and effective delivery of educational programs

 Process for Nomination

  • All awards are given on the basis of nominations
  • A call for nominations will be issued in April. Advertisements will be sent to all staff members at UHN and MSH by email and hard copies will be posted in the education offices, libraries and departmental offices at all sites
  • Nomination forms must be completed by a proposer, who must be a staff member
  • The nomination must be seconded by either student or another staff member
  • The deadlines for submission of completed nomination forms and supporting evidence will be in early spring
  • The Wightman-Berris Awards Committee meets annually to determine the winners
Supporting evidence should demonstrate the nominee’s qualities and achievements, as applicable to the category of the award. Supporting evidence can be submitted in the following forms:
  • Letters of support from the nominator (250-1000 words maximum) and cosigned by the second nominator
  • Curriculum vitae of the nominee
  • As applicable to the category of the award:
    • Written testimonial from peers/students
    • Documentation to demonstrate successful outcomes in teaching and learning
    • Documentation to demonstrate effective administration
    • Documentation to demonstrate innovative program design, development, delivery and evaluation

Selection Process

  • Recipients of the Anderson Awards will be chosen by the Anderson Award Committee. This committee is convened by the Wightman-Berris Academy Director and includes a chair, representatives from each hospital site, the student body and one University of Toronto Medical Faculty external to UHN and MSH
  • The committee will review all nominations and supporting evidence
  • A decision will be reached by consensus and will be based on the quality of evidence presented and success in the criteria as listed above
  • No awards will be made if there are no suitable candidates nominated

Award Presentation

Results will be communicated only to the recipients of the Anderson Awards and their respective chairs. Award winners will be officially announced at the annual presentation ceremony. The Anderson Award for Extraordinary Contribution to Medical Education carries a monetary prize of $500. The awards for Program Innovation and Educational Administration carry a value of $200 each.