Educational Facilities

The Wightman-Berris Academy has student-centred educational facilities at the Toronto General, Toronto Western and Mount Sinai Hospitals. At these anchor hospitals for the Academy, students are provided with exemplary learning environments and technologies to participate in skill acquisition and collaborative group work in dedicated educational space. These centres are conveniently located for tutors and students to walk between the learning centres and the clinical areas of the hospitals.

Helliwell Centre          Cooper Centre

All three centres are used in many ways, including one-on-one interactions between students and patients in simulated clinical environments, small group discussions,  interactive sessions for problem based learning, for seminars, and as testing facilities for OSCEs (Observed Structured Clinical Examinations). In addition, students have access to classrooms for study or clinical practice, computers and printing facilities, and space for extracurricular activities and informal gatherings.

As medical education becomes more distributed and involves integration with many other sites across the University’s affiliated teaching sites it is essential that students and tutors have easy access to conferencing equipment to communicate with other learners and educators outside of the Wightman-Berris Academy.  Seminar rooms are equipped with computers, projectors,  video and teleconferencing equipment to foster interactive learning to ensure the delivery of every aspect of the core curriculum required by the Academy.