The 2020 John Bradley Summer Research Program (JBSRP)


Short Program Description:


The John Bradley Summer Research Program (JBSRP) has two central components:

  1. a) learning and demonstrating core competencies in applied clinical research methods and
  2. b) completing student-initiated/led research and Quality Improvement (QI) projects.

This scholarly academic program provides a unique opportunity to develop an understanding of applied clinical research/QI by working on a supervisor guided project in a field of mutual interest.

Students build on knowledge and skills acquired in past research experiences or courses. They work on a project in a content area of interest, studying a health issue in a defined population. It should be noted that prior research experience is not a prerequisite; all levels of experience and expertise are welcome in students and supervisors. This is a mutual learning opportunity.

Supervisors may initiate, develop and implement projects such as applied clinical research, QI and education scholarship with students. Students get involved at whatever level the supervisor requires. For example supervisors may have projects already underway, students can join these projects and contribute to them successfully. A JBSRP Learning Agreement is co-signed managing program expectations. Experience to date shows that students contact their supervisors before the JBSRP and stay connected with peers, faculty and their supervisors after completing the program.

This certificate based program includes weekly mandatory face-to-face academic sessions starting with the harmonization of student interests and supervisor/project development of the research/QI question. Student absences can be creatively managed with Skype (or equivalent) linkage. Students report back to their supervisors weekly: building shared knowledge and capacity.

The 2019 eight-week summer certificate based JBSRP consisted of:

  • Seven weekly 3-hour class sessions in July and August facilitated by 26 local and international experts in clinical research methods, ethics/integrity, study design, QI, grantsmanship, and knowledge translation
  • Applied student research projects supervised by faculty demonstrating core competencies in clinical research, QI and/or educational scholarship.
  • Seven weekly 1-hour opportunities for students to orally ‘Describe, Define, Defend’ (3D) their research projects with program faculty.

In order to achieve certification, the JBSRP requires students to complete:

  • Canadian Tri-Council Policy Statement 2 (TCPS-2) Certificate, plus a local privacy and confidentiality certificate in research (if required by their supervisor)
  • Co-signed student-supervisor Learning Agreements
  • Weekly program evaluations, providing opportunities for course leads to iteratively amend the program
  • Developing and presenting a ‘One Minute Wonder’ video about their project
  • Production and presentation of the scholarly work by poster to peers, supervisor, faculty and guest academics at the conclusion of the program
  • Collaborative knowledge affirmation assessment (one hour).

You may access a copy of the 2020 John Bradley Summer Student Research Program: Supervisor Project Proposal Form here: